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I am excited to share the news that my fun, sober 21st birthday ideas were featured in Indianapolis Woman Magazine and St. Louis Woman Magazine recently. (The irony is that my own 21st birthday was distinctly un-sober... sorry Mom!) The article titled "21 Ways to Sober a 21st Birthday" was written by Allison Tyra and #'s 1-6 are my contribution.

Here is the link to the St. Louis version:

21 Ways to a Sober 21st Birthday
by Allison Tyra

Everyone knows the "traditional" way to celebrate a 21st birthday: Go out and drink. But if you're looking for a more original way to party without imbibing alcohol, here are some suggestions from local event planner Trish Injaychock of Red Event Consulting and Management:
1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Grab a group of friends, and head to the Indianapolis Indians games.
2. Music to My Ears: Put together a picnic and head to one of the many outdoor concerts in town. Nothing says summer fun like a outdoor concert at Verizon Wireless Music Center or at The Lawn in White River State Park.
3. Who Wants a Burger? Host your own BBQ Festival. Rent a picnic shelter from Indy Parks and invite friends and family for a fun gathering. Serve your favorite summertime beverages like lemonade, ice tea, soda and water.
4. Relax a Little: Ladies, head to the spa for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. After all, you are another year older but it doesn’t mean you can’t still look like you’re 20.
5. The Great Outdoors: Replace alcohol with adrenaline. Gather friends and family and head outdoors for a weekend of camping, hiking and rock-climbing. Throw in skydiving and you’re all set for the adventure of a lifetime!
6. Poker Face: Casinos have a lot to offer beyond the bar. If you can’t head to Vegas, head to Indiana’s new Indiana Live! Casino for some games and entertainment.

Darcie Kornmeyer of Circle City Planners adds some of her own ideas:
7. Pool party: Get wet and wild while you're still young enough to feel confident in that bikini.
8. Local city tour: Check out local museums, like the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Eiteljorg or even the Children's Museum, if you're in the mood.
9. Trip to the Windy City: Take a weekend and drive up to Chicago with friends to take in the sights. You can also pick up some great ideas by surfing the Web or flipping through the Yellow Pages:
10. Miniature golf, bowling or bumper cars: Want to be active without expending a while lot of energy? Pick a game, grab some friends and see who rocks your low-key sport of choice.
11. Game night: Invite your pals over for a marathon of Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, checkers and whatever else floats your boat. Then stock up on the junk food, pick up some fun prizes for the winners and let the good times roll!
12. Movie Marathon: Whether you like chick flicks, comedies, horror or action films, sometimes there's nothing better than vegging out with friends in your PJ's, surrounded by junk food like brownies, chips, popcorn and M&M's.
13. Look to the future: At this milestone, make a list of who you are: your goals, hobbies and interests, favorite fashions, television shows, movies and books. Then have your friends and family add stuff to a time capsule to open in 10 or 20 years.
14. DD: That's right, be the designated driver on your birthday. Just because you want to go out to a bar doesn't mean you have to imbibe. Just let loose, dance and have fun with your friends – who will all appreciate the safe ride home, even if it's just back to your place to crash for the night.
15. Karaoke: The time-honored tradition of horrible — and not-so-horrible — singing is fun for all, but be warned now: As the birthday girl, you almost certainly will be forced onstage by your friends and the other patrons. Though you could rent a machine and host the musical fun at home, celebrate your newfound ability to get into bars — plenty will offer karaoke.
16. Concert: Check out venues in town for local bands, or big names on tour.
17. Alcohol-free Mardi Gras: Have people bring masks, or set up supplies to make their own at the party. Pass out beads at the door, and encourage everyone to trade for the coolest ones. Mix up CDs of classic jazz, bayou blues and funky zydeco.
18. "Bring a friend" party: You invite five to 20 friends, depending on how big you want it to get. Then, each invitee brings a friend he or she thinks think someone else at the party would like. This is great for meeting new people, whether you're in the market for a significant other, or just interested in making new friends.
19. Pitch a tent: Whether in a state park or your own backyard, camping can be a fun outdoorsy experience for even the most urban of city girls.
20. Masquerade Party: Be someone else for the night, and remember, you're never too old to play dress-up!
21. Sports Tournament: Whether you're into tennis, baseball, basketball, there are plenty of venues for rent. Those who don’t want to play can cheer on their friends and help serve food and drinks to weary players.


BizBash Expo Chicago :: August 20, 2009

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Branching Out...

Times are tough - and one must "branch out" and use their resources to continue to create fabulous events with much less budget. One way to do that is to get creative with your florals. Manzanita and Birch branches are a high-impact, low-cost solution for today's event budgets.

Branches can be used for all types of events. We've been seeing branches as wedding centerpieces for years, but branches can do much more than be a decorative accent. Branches can be an interactive element such as a wishing tree or serve as logistical help in the form of a place card holder. These recent trends has been spotted being used as:

  • a check-in table at a Chicago financial firm's holiday party. Each guest found their name on a personalized luggage tag hanging from a manzanita tree.
  • at a outdoor art festival, attendees could write a wish on a piece of paper and tie it to a branch.
  • at the Absolut Mango launch party in Chicago, orange ribbons and fake dollar bills hung from a money tree to represent prosperity.
  • at a company showcase event, guests could write comments on paper tags and hang them on a tree. {Source: BizBash Chicago; May/June 2009}

{Photo Credits - top:; Vintage Design Company; Michele Rago. bottom - Flowers R Us; Vintage Design Company}


Maternity Leave

Happy New Year!

I am sure it feels like a year since I've posted and I'd like to apologize. Life got a little crazier - for the better - as my husband and I welcome our son in early December. He's the best gift we could have received...

I am taking an official maternity leave from Red for approximately 3 months and will return in the early spring.

If you need to reach me before that time, please leave a voicemail.

Best wishes to you and yours for a fabulous 2009!