Cloud 9...

It's not a secret that I adore cupcakes... I find them to be delightful, whimsical and, well, delicious! I am so thankful that my new house is right near an Indianapolis gem - The Flying Cupcake. Talk about being on Cloud 9! I picked up 2 for dessert tonight (no, not both for me!) and can't wait to try their famous Red Velvet Elvis.

In Charlotte, I also lived near a cupcake paradise... called Polka Dot Bake Shop it was also delish! Perhaps my subconscious is steering me towards living near these specialty bakeries!

Here are the aforementioned bakeries links - but if you're not in Indy or Charlotte, make sure to find a cupcake bakery near you!

Lastly, I managed to find even bigger fans of the cupcake: the ladies of the blog "The Cupcake Takes the Cake": such a fun read and a sure way to find the best cupcakes in your city!

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LizzyG said...

My friend is a pastry chef in DC. We were both in a wedding together in Charleston, SC last summer and she took me in this shop: fabulous cupcakes!! :)