Importance of Food Presentation

My ridiculously talented friend, Jen Jaax, is entering the world of food styling. Her newest photos are below. Don't you want to dive right into the "Raspberry Fool?"

As Jen says, you eat with your eyes - and she is certainly right! Food presentation is such an important detail - especially in professional event planning. Simply put, you want your guests to want to eat! Beyond taste testing, make sure you review the presentation skills of your caterer - whether its a buffet or seated meal. Don't be afraid to dive into the details and give specifics of how you want food presented... and think outside the box to use unusual serving platters and enhancements.

I must also give Jen a shout-out for her work in recipe development for Smithfield Foods. The program offers free weekly menu planners to Smithfield website subscribers. Daily emails provide well-balanced, easy to prepare meals and corresponding grocery lists. And, you know if Paula Deen is the spokewoman, the recipes are delish! Visit for more info.

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Julie said...

Jen did that? Oh my gosh. I had no idea! Is she on Facebook? I need to add her to my collection.