Green and Gorgeous!

Not to discredit Kermit, but it’s getting easier to be green these days. Organic foods, environmentally friendly paper, and eco-friendly flowers are all ways to ensure your next gathering is green. The quality and selection of green products has expanded and ensure you do not sacrifice style to be environmentally conscious. (Personal note: I am a huge fan of local Farmers Markets!)

Here are some ideas of how to throw an ecologically sound event:

Location, Location, Location:
-Consider an outdoor area such as a park or your own backyard that gives your event a natural sensibility
-Pick a unique local spot--like an art gallery, nonprofit space, organic restaurant or farm, or a botanical garden -For a wedding, have the ceremony and reception at the same location to avoid having your guests drive between the two. If you must use shuttles, use buses that run on biodiesel fuel.

Get the Word Out:
-Buy 100% PCW recycled invitations that are processed without chlorine and printed with vegetable or soy-based ink(s).
-Use tree-free paper made out of hemp, banana stalks, bamboo, kenaf, or organic cotton

Setting the Scene:
-Use real glasses, flatware and tableware. If you must use disposable, use biodegradable dishes and flatware made from cornstarch, sugar cane, or tropical leaves.
-Find a florist that uses flowers from local and/or organic farms or find a grower are your local farmers market and hire them to create bouquets and table arrangements. Don’t have one in your area? Check out:
-Decorate with branches, dried grasses, grains, greens, berries, or live plants
-Use potted plants (perhaps use in place of cut flowers for centerpieces) that can be given as gifts or enjoyed in your home.
-Use beeswax or soy-based candles

Organic Fare: Design a seasonal, organic menu and use organic wines and beer

Look the Part:
-Wear a vintage outfit
-Pick clothes made from hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton or silk (check out
-Borrow from a friend or ensure you purchase something you will wear again.
-If you’re a one-time wearer, make sure to donate your clothing after the event.

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