Letterpress Stationery

For my inaugural post, I thought sharing photos and inspired ideas from my favorite letterpress stationers would be an accurate reflection of my style and current passion.

Letterpress stationery, one of the oldest forms of printing, has recently made a comeback within the wedding industry but there is also wonderful designs for baby announcements, holiday cards, business correspondance and all of life's celebrations.

Why letterpress?* Letterpress is a method of printing which uses the raised surface of a relief plate to print an image or text. The image area on the relief plate is slightly higher than the rest of the plate surface, this allows the raised surface to be inked and then pressed against the paper creating an image in reverse. Only one color is printed at a time.

The beauty of letterpress is that the text or image printed is slightly indented into the paper, making the definition sharper and with a lovely tactile quality that cannot be achieved with other printing techniques. *(Source:

Here is my inspiration board for letterpress:

Photo credits: First row (L-R): Dauphine Press; Elum. Second row (L-R) The Happy Envelope, Elum

Letterpress allows for intricate design elements such as beautiful damasks (a personal favorite) and fonts. My business cards (below) are letterpress. Printed and designed by the talented ladies of Dauphine Press (

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